Salam Houston

Welcome to Salam Houston!

Salam Houston seeks to build bridges of understanding between Muslims and people of other faiths and backgrounds in Houston.

About the Project

Salam (Peace) Houston is a film and dialogue outreach project that seeks to catalyze a broad cross-section of the Houston community towards building bridges of understanding amongst Muslims and people of all faiths and backgrounds. By providing free, award-winning films about Muslims for classrooms, congregations, and civic venues, the project will reach thousands of citizens and promote greater dialogue on issues of Muslims in America.

As hate speech and misunderstanding about Muslims continues to rise nationally; Unity Productions Foundation, producer of these films, and its 20,000 Dialogues outreach project, is launching Salam Houston by forging partnerships with key allies in the interfaith, educational, policy, and cultural communities in Houston. This broad cross-section approach enables the project to reach include community leaders and representatives that are not traditionally engaged with cross-cultural work.

Teachers may find the films particularly beneficial for history, social studies, and civics classes. Over ten-thousand teachers nationwide have used one of these films as they have aired on PBS and they tie into the curriculum.

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